Petes go keyless

| 12/8/2004

Truckers heading back to their Petes will get in a little quicker thanks to the remote keyless entry now offered on the Peterbilt line of trucks.

Bringing additional convenience and security to its products, Peterbilt now offers remote keyless entry for its entire lineup of heavy-duty conventional trucks and tractors, Peterbilt Motors Co. recently announced.

The remote keyless option uses a two-button fob to lock and unlock the driver, passenger and full-size sleeper doors. The truck’s marker lights illuminate to confirm when the lock or unlock operation is complete. The system has a 30-foot range and uses random signal technology to safeguard the signal.

Remote keyless entry is available for Peterbilt models 379, 385, 378 and 357. Peterbilt began offering the system for its aerodynamically styled model 387 in 2004.