Snow may be on way out as top man at Treasury

| 12/7/2004

John Snow is likely to be replaced as secretary of the Treasury, according to press reports this week.

Reuters news service reported that Snow could be out as soon as the next month or two, while The New York Times reported that President Bush may nominate Andrew Card, his chief of staff, for the job.

Snow became the Treasury’s top man in 2003. A former railroad executive, he has also held numerous positions in the Department of Transportation, including administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; deputy undersecretary; assistant secretary for governmental affairs; and deputy assistant secretary for policy, plans and international affairs.

During his daily press briefing Dec. 6 at the White House, the president’s press secretary, Scott McClellan, appeared to support Snow.

“We appreciate the great job that Secretary Snow is doing. He’s an outstanding member of this team,” McClellan told reporters. “I know that this is all part of the continuing Washington, DC, speculation game. It’s a game that I’m not going to get into playing, as I’ve told you from this podium.”

However, the press secretary did leave the door open on the issue of Snow’s future. When asked why the president wouldn’t publicly say that Snow had been asked to stay on, McClellan said, “I have told you that we will keep you posted when we have things to announce.”