Michigan governor signs bill allowing more 65-foot trucks

| 12/3/2004

Gov. Jennifer Granholm has signed a measure permitting longer aggregate haulers on Michigan state roads.

The legislation extends the allowable length of those trucks from 59 feet to 65 feet.

Currently, there is a 59-foot limit on the length of vehicles. But car haulers, logging trucks and recreational vehicles are among the vehicles already exempt from the requirement.

The bill – HB4358 – adds trucks hauling construction materials to the list.

It also eliminates a court’s discretion and institutes a flat fine of $200 per axle to be charged for trucks that are overloaded by less than 4,000 pounds.

“There has been a lot of abuse,” said state Rep. Gene DeRossett, R-Manchester, asserting that courts often fine trucking companies thousands of dollars for “overloads” when the truck’s load only is simply poorly distributed resulting in a violation of the axle load limit.

“This bill clarifies the definition of what is a misload and what is an overload.”

The legislation originally called for extending the length limit for all trucks on local roads to 65 feet but was amended to solely apply to those carrying such items as sand or gravel.

The changes will take effect on Jan. 1, 2006.