FMCSA to Werner: No more handwritten logs

| 12/2/2004

After six years of testing, Werner Enterprises Inc. has jumped through all the hoops, says the U.S. Department of Transportation, giving the Nebraska-based motor carrier the official nod for paperless logbooks. DOT officials joined Werner management Thursday, Dec. 2, at the company’s corporate training center in Omaha for the formal signing of the exemption.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says Werner can document its drivers’ hours of service through the use of GPS technology and complementary computer software programs in lieu of handwritten logbooks.

Among those representing FMCSA were Administrator Annette Sandberg and FMCSA Chief Safety Officer John J. Hill.

Sandberg said Werner’s use of this technology couldn’t come at a better time.

“FMCSA has begun considering standards for recording drivers’ HOS electronically,” she said. “We are currently reviewing public comments on how motor carriers use a variety of electronic on-board recording systems, and we are evaluating their costs and benefits. Werner has shown us how carriers can apply technology effectively and improve an important component in the effort to reduce truck-related crashes, injuries and fatalities.”

The exemption was published Sept. 21, 2004, in the Federal Register along with terms and conditions of the exemption.

The company is the only motor carrier in the trucking industry to employ paperless logs with GPS technology.