Canadian carriers' group wants government-mandated black boxes

| 12/1/2004

Canada’s equivalent to the ATA is endorsing government-mandated black boxes in trucks to “ensure compliance” with that country’s hours-of-service rules.

Describing the move as a “landmark decision,” David Bradley, CEO of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, stated in a news release that the call for mandatory use of electronic on-board recorders would apply to all trucks governed by Canada’s National Safety Code and driven by holders of commercial driver’s licenses.

In his written statement, Bradley said the electronic recorders are a key factor in terms of road safety. He also said that his organization of more than 4,500 companies in Canada is supporting the mandatory use of the recorders to protect “responsible carriers.”

A government mandate for the recorders is “imperative from a safety point of view, which of course is paramount, but also in terms of providing responsible carriers with a level playing field with competitors who might otherwise choose to bend or break the rules to increase driving time,” Bradley’s statement said.

OOIDA opposes government-mandated on-board recorders for trucks and this week filed comments with the federal government expressing concerns about them. The association comments stated that the black boxes will not ensure compliance because they will require driver input, which is often described by government officials as the problem with paper logs.

OOIDA is also concerned about the increased costs mandated EOBRs would create for owner-operators and contends that they would violate the Constitution in terms of illegal searches and rights to privacy.

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– By Coral Beach, Land Line staff