Tow truck driver honored for wrecking escape of suspected shooter

| 11/29/2004

A tow truck driver from Appleton, WI, is being recognized for his work helping police nab a man accused of shooting another man to death. The driver used his wrecker to stop the suspect’s escape.

In late August, Brian Meier blocked the path of two vehicles attempting to leave a gas station after the shooting. According to The Post Crescent and WBAY-TV, the magazine, American Towman, has honored Meier “for courageous professionalism.”

Meier said he heard a gunshot and pulled his wrecker behind two cars parked in front of the convenience store to stop them from leaving. Police say the suspect in the killing was in one of those vehicles.

Police arrested Steven Garcia. He pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and is scheduled to stand trial in February.