You always knew it was back-breaking work - now it's official

| 10/18/2004

Trucking is the most “back-breaking” profession in America, according to a survey of members of the American Chiropractic Association.

The group’s members rated various jobs based on which occupations cause the most strain on the muscles of the back, the association said in a release.

“Constant compression and vibration from such trucks can damage the back,” the group’s spokesmen wrote in a release. “Prolonged sitting puts pressure on the spine, which can result in disc degeneration.”

Also contributing to truckers’ back problems is the typical truck stop diet, which can lead to back problems.

The group particularly pointed to truckers who haul liquid loads, saying the movement of the liquid back and forth while in transit can put further stress on the driver’s back.

Rounding out the 10 Most Back-Breaking Jobs list were: construction workers; landscapers; police officers; farmers; roofers; firefighters and EMTs; delivery drivers; nursing home workers; and auto mechanics.