Coming Oct. 12 on the OOIDA Web site: President Bush and Sen. Kerry on trucking issues

| 10/11/2004

As the Nov. 2 election approaches and the 2004 presidential campaign heats up, it shouldn’t be too surprising that neither candidate is saying much about trucking issues directly.

Trucking journalist Mike Howe reports that PresidentGeorge W. Bush, the Republican nominee, and Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic nominee, recently offered some valuable campaign time to be interviewed on trucking issues.

Each candidate was asked the same 10 questions, which should provide everyone affiliated with trucking a glimpse at what it would mean to the industry for either man were to be the next president of the United States.

Tomorrow afternoon (5 p.m. CST, Oct. 12), Mike Howe’s full interview will appear on OOIDA’s Web site and Land Line’s Web site.