Irony thy name is Young

| 10/4/2004

If William Shakespeare were still around writing comedies, he would have appreciated the rich irony in the recent detaining and questioning of Donald E. Young, R-AK, chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

The airlines confused Rep. Young with terrorist suspect Donald Lee Young, a person on the airline’s “no fly list.” If that isn’t enough irony, Young’s committee was about to, and eventually did, hand over to the Transportation Security Administration the chore of checking passenger names against watch lists, The Associated Press reported.

The Alaska Republican now joins a select club that includes Sen. Edward M. Kennedy D-MA, who was told he was on the no-fly list, as was Rep. John Lewis D-GA, a civil rights leader.

Some might say the airlines at least proved they didn’t discriminate based on party affiliation.

However, Florida Republican John Mica amended the bill to require the government to come up with a “timely and fair process” allowing people identified as threats to appeal and correct misinformation.

“We'll call it the Young-Kennedy amendment,” Mica quipped.

– By Dick Larsen, senior editor