Michigan bill would allow longer trucks

| 10/1/2004

The Michigan House approved a bill Sept. 29 that would allow longer trucks on state roads.

House lawmakers voted 68-33 to permit trucks 65 feet long on state roads, 6 feet longer than the current limit of 59 feet, which was set in 1976.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Gene DeRossett, R-Manchester, wouldn’t translate to a dramatic increase in the number of longer trucks on the road because many already are exempt from the 59-foot limit, including car haulers and logging, lumber and agriculture vehicles, The Associated Press reported.

However, the Federal Highway Administration could decide that the change doesn’t comply with federal law. That could translate to a fine of $100 million.

According to the news agency, some local units of government also could lose funding because fines are standardized throughout the state.

The bill, HB4358, now heads to the Senate for consideration.