OOIDA backs boutique fuels bill

| 10/1/2004

OOIDA is supporting a new bill, H.R. 5165, known as the Boutique Fuels Reduction Act of 2004.

The bill will help to diminish the volatility of diesel fuel prices by putting a ceiling on the number of specialized fuels and provide regulatory relief in the form of boutique fuel use during shortage emergencies.

“Small business trucking professionals across the nation are suffering from the unstable and escalating price of fuel. A few weeks ago the national average price per gallon of diesel reached a historic high and has continued to rise ever since,” said OOIDA President Jim Johnston.

Johnston wrote Sept. 29 to Rep. Roy Blunt, R-MO, who introduced the legislation. Blunt is the House majority whip.

“Unfortunately, due to supply shortages and potential disruptions to the world market, experts are forecasting continued increases in fuel prices. The enactment of this legislation would go a long ways towards ensuring that an adequate supply of diesel fuel is available and is affordable to those whose livelihoods depend on the use of it.”

– By Dick Larsen, senior editor