Ill wind affects CVSA's decal program

| 9/30/2004

Recent hurricanes delayed the delivery of fourth-quarter CVSA safety stickers in some jurisdictions.

The Washington, DC-based Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance recently discovered its Florida-based supplier has been unable to deliver the fourth-quarter decals, and issued a safety bulletin with guidelines on how enforcement personnel should continue to use third-quarter decals for a few weeks.

The third-quarter CVSA decals are orange with no corners removed. In the safety bulletin guidelines direct that they should be used until the white, 2004 fourth-quarter decals are available.

Enforcement personnel are to provide a copy of the guidance document to each driver for each qualifying vehicle at the time of inspection. They are also to provide two copies of the inspection report to each driver of a qualifying vehicle at the time of inspection, and they must accept third-quarter decals, accompanied by a copy of the inspection report, as proof that a vehicle qualified for a decal during the fourth quarter.

Carriers are to return to the issuing jurisdiction at a later time, but still during the fourth quarter, to secure a fourth-quarter decal for each qualifying vehicle.