Ridge announces FAST lanes for qualifying Mexican trucks

| 9/28/2011

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Sept. 26 in Nogales, AZ, his department will begin its plan to speed up commercial trucks slowed by heightened security –including participating Mexican trucks.

Tuckers can wait for hours as customs agents inspect their cargo, but that’s all about to change with the FAST – or Free And Secure Trade program, he said.

In order for Mexican trucking companies to use FAST lanes, they'll have to enroll in the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.

“Partner companies have access to border advantages such as the designated FAST lanes that will expedite inspections, reduce processing time and allow legitimate cargo to flow more freely and quickly across the border,” Ridge said.

The money to build the FAST lanes is coming from the private sector – about a million and a half dollars from Mexican business owners and about two and a half from the American side, according to news reports.