Truckers can call ahead to find out about road closings caused by Ivan

| 9/21/2004

Across the Gulf Coast, roads and bridges remain damaged and closed after Hurricane Ivan made its way ashore Sept. 16.

Truckers who need up-to-date information on which roads are open or closed in Florida, the hardest hit state, can call the state’s Department of Transportation at 1-888-638-0250, Ext. 637.

The storm has also brought extensive flooding to several other states in the East, including Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Even those states hundreds of miles north of the initial strike zone have seen unusually damaging weather, including massive flooding, from the storm.

“This was record devastation for us because we've never had a storm that cut so completely across the state,” Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell told CBS News.

For information about road problems in affected states, here are the numbers:

  • Florida, 1-888-638-0250, Ext. 637;
  • Maryland, 1-800-543-2515, in state only;
  • New Jersey, (201) 797-3676;
  • North Carolina 1-877-368-4968;
  • Ohio, 1-888-264-7623, in state only;
  • Pennsylvania, 1-888-783-6783 in state, (717) 783-5186 out of state;
  • Tennessee, 1-800-858-6349; and
  • West Virginia, 1-877-WVA-ROAD.