The Bozo is back

| 9/14/2004

Dale Sommers, the trucker radio host known as “The Truckin’ Bozo,” will host a new show exclusively on XM Satellite Radio.

The Bozo will appear solely on XM’s trucker channel Open Road (XM Channel 171) sometime around the beginning of October. The new show marks Sommers’ return to radio following a summer hiatus.

Previously, Sommers was carried on local radio stations across the U.S. in addition to XM Radio. But given satellite radio’s surging popularity, particularly among truck drivers, Sommers decided to make his show an XM exclusive.

“I feel privileged to be able to make the transition from one form of radio to the new technology that XM offers,” Sommers said. “I am excited about the prospect of being able to chat, inform and entertain my audience that has now migrated to XM Satellite Radio.”

XM’s Open Road is the first all-trucker radio station. In addition to Dale Sommers, Open Road carries trucker broadcasters Bill Mack, Dave Nemo, and Steve Sommers, son of The Truckin’ Bozo.