It's a dog's life .

| 9/13/2004

A trucker who was on his way to Omaha, NE, had a little surprise recently when he discovered that a dog had hitched a ride on his truck by clinging to the trailer in pounding rain for 85 miles, media outlets reported recently.

A motorist who caught sight of the dog called authorities, who in turn began to pull rigs into a weigh station to search for the hitchhiking hound. The trucker, unaware of his stowaway, was as surprised as anyone.

Authorities told media outlets the dog must have jumped onboard in Sutton, NE. No owner has been found yet, so the dog – a mixed-breed shepherd – is staying at a local farm.

It isn’t the first time a house pet has used a semi for interstate transportation.

Back in 2003, a cat hitched a 400-mile ride from Indianapolis to Sedalia, MO, on an 8-inch beam underneath a tractor-trailer.

The male Siamese cat was discovered after Chris Markley, a trucker from Springdale, AR, noticed a woman trying to flag him down, The Associated Press reported. He pulled his rig into a parking lot, and the woman pointed out a cat sitting on the fifth wheel frame under the trailer of his truck.