Florida extends size and weight rules

| 9/8/2004

Prior to Hurricane Frances, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush issued an executive order extending the allowances for size and weight that became effective after Hurricane Charley, according to news accounts.

Gov. Bush now asks states to continue allowing commercial vehicles providing relief supplies and services to traverse their states when traveling to Florida to operate according to the same rules called for in the previous request.

According to information released Sept. 1 by the Florida Department of Transportation, within the state of Florida, “Vehicles up to 8 feet and 6 inches wide, and up to 80 feet long, may travel all days and all hours … Vehicles up to 14 feet wide and up to 95 feet long may travel all days, daytime hours only,” the department said.

Any questions will be answered by calling the state’s road use permits office at (850) 410-5777, the transportation department said.