Get ready for the Labor Day road rush

| 9/2/2004

Truckers get ready: The AAA is expecting more four-wheelers on the road this Labor Day weekend than last year, Michael Right, the group’s vice president of public affairs, told Land Line.

Of the 34.1 million Americans who expect to travel during the holiday period, 28.7 million are expected to travel by car, an increase of about 2 percent compared with last year’s traffic, Right said.

However, the predicted highway volume is not a record – in 1995, 30.1 million cars took to the roads over the traditional end-of-summer, three-day weekend.

The figure represents the number of vehicles that will carry people or families at least 50 miles from their home.

The most crowded traffic period of the whole weekend is expected to be Monday afternoon, Right said.

“Most people will be returning from their journey on Labor Day, whereas those that are departing, some will be departing today to take advantage of vacation opportunities, and some will traveling on Friday and Saturday,” he said.

However, lest you think you’re about to be flooded by an army of station wagons and minivans, Right says that overall, traffic should be down from a normal weekday.

“You’re probably going to have less traffic on the road on a holiday weekend than during a regular three-day stint,” he said. “Very few people will be going to and from work on Monday … and when you have that situation, if there is going to be any traveling done, it’s going to be in a family setting, more so than the husband going to work in his car and the wife going to work in her car and the kids going school in their car, etc.”

– by Mark H. Reddig, associate editor