Tractor-trailer on nationwide tour to promote value voting

| 8/30/2004

Among the 18-wheelers on the road this election season, you might notice one that’s a little different.

It’s not hauling cars, or crops, or cargo of any kind. The truck is the Mobile Voter Registration Event Center, a 65-foot-long tractor-trailer loaded with digital capabilities such as computerized voter registration, plasma multimedia screens, kids games and non-partisan voter information on “values-based voting.”

The truck is sponsored by, an arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. It encourages people to vote their values, rather than not their political party or the candidate whose economic proposals stand to benefit them financially, the truck’s sponsors said in a statement.

The red-white-and-blue decorated truck is currently moving across the country, stopping at churches and other locations and opening its doors to potential voters.

According to the Baptist Press, the truck, owned by Sid and Jill Yochim, previously carried equipment and merchandise for the Charlie Daniels Band as the group toured the country. The Yochims left the music business in the late ’80s, and are driving the truck during its election-season tour.