Truck stop feature added to Operation Air Brake campaign

| 8/30/2004

For the first time, the annual Operation Air Brake campaign that takes place throughout the United States and Canada will include educational events at truck stops across North America.

On Sept. 1, in addition to roadside brake inspections, several truck stop operators have volunteered to help sponsor brake safety inspection/awareness events.

“These activities are intended to further educate drivers and mechanics on the importance of proper brake inspection, maintenance and operation,” Steve Keppler, a Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance spokesman, said. “This is especially important because braking systems on commercial vehicles are complicated and contain many parts that need frequent inspection and attention to ensure proper operation and safe performance.”

The truck stop demonstrations will be conducted by CVSA-certified commercial vehicle inspectors and are intended to focus on education rather than enforcement. Drivers will receive educational materials on proper brake operation, how to recognize potential brake problems, and the need for properly maintained brakes. The educational materials will also be available to drivers of vehicles inspected at the Operation Air Brake roadside inspection events.

Brake-related defects continue to be the most significant and frequent violations that commercial vehicle safety inspectors discover during roadside inspections, Keppler said. For that reason, the Operation Air Brake campaign places a major emphasis on education and awareness of the need to improve brake safety.

The event, sponsored by the CVSA and the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, is an annual safety campaign that began in 1998.