Truck speeds get boost on Ohio Turnpike

| 8/24/2004

The Ohio Turnpike Commission voted unanimously Monday, Aug. 23, to increase the speed limit for large trucks to 65 mph, the same speed as all other vehicles.

The change takes effect Sept. 8.

Gary Suhadolnik, director of the five-person Turnpike Commission, told The Associated Press that commissioners are hopeful the decision to boost speeds from 55 mph might get truck drivers who would otherwise take different routes to use the toll road.

The commission on Monday also approved cutting the turnpike’s share of diesel sale revenue to enable fuel stops along the route to cut diesel costs as much as 11 cents per gallon, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

In addition, Gordon Proctor, director of the Ohio Department of Transportation and a turnpike board member, said the state might chip in $15 million to $20 million a year to help the turnpike reduce tolls to provide rebates for truckers. The agency projected a 20 percent toll reduction combined with the higher speed limit could boost truck traffic 38 percent on the turnpike.