Trucking Challenge of the Sexes

| 8/19/2004

First there was Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King – now there’s “Halfpint” and “Diaper Rash.”

What started out as some good-natured ribbing on The Truckin’ Bozo Radio Network show has turned into The Trucking Challenge of the Sexes, and more importantly a huge benefit for Special Olympics.

The event is just what it sounds like, a contest between a man and a woman who make their livings driving trucks. The competition will be on Sept. 12 following the conclusion of the Great American Trucking Show in the Reunion Arena parking lot adjacent to the Dallas Convention Center.

Ingrid Bell, “Halfpint,” from Zionville, NC, and Garry Thomas,” Diaper Rash,” from Hallsville, TX, will go at in their rigs to raise money for Special Olympics. The driving event will consist of maneuvering through a maze of strategically placed obstacles. The course will be designed and refereed by fellow trucker Paul “Brooklyn” Sasso.

This event will help generate donations for the Special Olympic Athletes. There will be a “Peoples Choice Award” presented to the driver that raises the most donations. There are two ways to vote:

  • You can mail a check or money order made out specifically to “Special Olympics” c/o Norm Schneiderhan, PO Box 1527, Orlando, FL 32802. Please designate on the check/money order “Truck Challenge” and who your vote will be for – “Halfpint” or “Diaper Rash.” All checks must be mailed by Sept. 1 so they can be tallied for the event.
  • You can participate at GATS, Sept. 10-12, and stop by the Special Olympics booth and buy a $1 donation/vote and place it in the ballot box of your choice. These will then be added to the other donations/votes for a grand total for the “Peoples Choice Award.”