Truck driver killed in attack; few details released

| 8/16/2004

An American truck driver was recently killed when a roadside bomb exploded near the convoy he was driving with in Iraq.

Officials suspect it was an improvised explosive device that killed Kevin J. Rader, 34, of Pendleton, OR, while he was driving in a convoy in Iraq on Aug. 11, according to a Halliburton press release.

Details of the attack were not released, nor available.

“Kevin was one of the many dedicated people who worked in the Theater Transpiration Mission,” the press release stated. “Kevin has made the ultimate sacrifice while helping his country and the Iraqi people. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

Rader began his work for the Halliburton subsidiary of Kellogg Brown & Root in January.

The Halliburton press release stated that KB&R and its subcontractors have lost 45 employees while performing services under their contracts in Kuwait and Iraq.