Good Samaritan act claims life of OOIDA member James Causey

| 7/29/2004

During an attempt to protect others on the highway, OOIDA member James Causey was killed.

According to New York State Police spokesman Sgt. Tom Ferritto, a tractor-trailer lost its rear passenger-side tandems on Interstate 90 near the Village of Canajoharie, NY, around noon, July 19. One of the wheels rolled to the median and the other came to rest in the left-hand lane of the interstate.

A car following the tractor-trailer struck the wheel lying in the roadway and skidded onto the right shoulder. After Causey, 65, of Port Byron, NY, came up on the wreck he pulled his tractor-trailer halfway off the road – half on the right shoulder, half on the roadway – and went to check on the driver of the car.

After discovering the driver was not seriously injured he began walking alongside his trailer, in what was an apparent attempt to get to the wheel and remove it from the roadway.

Ferritto said a small Nissan-style pickup truck hit the wheel in the left lane and skidded into Causey, who was walking alongside his trailer. Causey was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It’s just a real shame,” Ferritto said. “He was just trying to be a good Samaritan.”

Causey leaves his wife, Patricia; three daughters; and a granddaughter.

--by Jami Jones, feature editor

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