Nation’s Capitol looking to ban trucks on many streets

| 4/29/2004

Washington, D.C. may ban semi trucks starting in June to protect buildings other than the White House and to reduce congestion, according to a Department of Transportation report begun after September 11.

The District has nearly 600,000 residents spread over about 68 square miles.

“The District has unique security needs,” a draft report said. “There are a panoply of facilities that require strict security measures including the White House, the Capitol, the Justice and State Departments, other federal facilities, national monuments and embassies.

“Trucks, with their large capacity, could carry explosives or other materials that could cause large-scale damage to the District and its residents.”

The report also said the city is “poised” to experience additional trucking activity within its boundaries and between the District and the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia.

“This will put additional pressure on its roadway network, on residential neighborhoods and on the existing regulatory framework. A comprehensive program for the management of all trucking activity with the District would help to address some of these issues,” the draft report said.