Bill to end Illinois split speed limit now headed to House floor

| 4/29/2004

An Illinois House committee has given its approval to a bill that would end the split speed limit in the state.

The bill, SB2374, is now only one vote away from heading to the governor.

Illinois’ House Transportation and Motor Vehicles Committee voted 14-3 in favor of the bill after a hearing April 28, only two days before the deadline for the bill to pass out of committee and move to the full House. The measure now heads to the floor with a “do pass” recommendation.

SB2374 would eliminate provisions in Illinois law that set up a slower, 55 mph speed limit for any vehicle over 8,000 pounds traveling on rural interstates. Other vehicles on those roads can travel 65 mph; all speed limits would remain 55 mph in urban areas.

A similar measure passed both Houses of the General Assembly last year, but was vetoed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Even though it initially passed by more votes than needed to override a veto, an attempt to reverse Blagojevich’s action failed in the House by only two votes.

SB2374 was introduced by state Sen. George Shadid, D-Pekin, and passed the full Senate by a vote of 37-15 March 4. It sat in the House for nearly 20 days before any action was taken on it. The bill must pass the full House by May 14 or it is dead for the year.