Tanker driver had apparent heart attack, report says

| 4/28/2004

The driver of the gasoline tanker that plunged from an overpass onto Interstate 95 in January apparently suffered a heart attack or other sudden medical problem that caused him to lose control of his truck, The Associated Press reported.

Investigators for the Maryland Transportation Authority Police found no evidence of serious mechanical defects with the tanker, which had passed an inspection one week before the fiery crash that claimed four lives and shut down I-95 near Elkridge for seven hours Jan. 13.

"The evidence indicates that the driver of (the tanker) experienced a sudden cardiac event or other type of medical emergency, thus explaining why he failed to maintain control over the vehicle," said the report, a copy of which was obtained by The Baltimore Sun.

The report said that the autopsy of tanker driver Jackie M. Frost, 64, found evidence of cardiovascular disease. Tire marks on the overpass showed that brakes had not been applied before the crash, and a witness reported seeing Frost slumped forward over the wheel.