Blind spot sticker to warn Canadian motorists

| 4/26/2004

The Ontario Trucking Association and the Ministry of Transportation recently kicked off a road safety campaign that warns motorists to avoid driving in a large truck’s blind spots.

As many as 35 percent of truck-car fatalities are tied to motorists inadvertently driving in a truck’s blind spots, OTA said.

The sticker, which fits on the back of tractor-trailers, says, “Avoid my blind spots,” and includes graphics showing where the blind spots are located.

It was unveiled recently by OTA President David Bradley and Ontario Transportation Minister Harinder Takhar on the floor of Canada’s national truck show, Truck World. Following the ceremony, the minister rode in a tractor-trailer to see for himself how cars and trucks can better share the road.

“Creating a greater awareness on the part of motorists with regard to a truck’s blind spots will help make Ontario’s roads safer,” David Bradley, OTA president, said. “There is a need to enhance public understanding of how to safely share the road with larger vehicles, and this campaign is designed to do just that.”