NTSB: Driver showed no signs of alcohol or drugs

| 4/20/2004

The National Transportation Safety Board has concluded that the driver of a tanker truck who was killed in a recent collision in Maryland had no signs of alcohol, drugs or over-the-counter medications.

On Jan. 13, 2004, the NTSB began investigating the crash of the truck, which departed a ramp where Interstate 895 crosses Interstate 95 in Elkridge, MD. The ensuing collisions and fire killed 4 persons.

NTSB also found that when the truck was first examined after the crash, a leaf spring on the right rear axle of the semi-trailer was broken, with a piece of it missing. 

The remaining section of the main leaf spring has been removed from the truck and taken to the agency’s materials laboratory in Washington.  There, examinations will be conducted to determine whether there is evidence of pre-impact damage to that piece.

The final report on this investigation is expected sometime next year; safety recommendations may be issued at any time during the course of an investigation.