Cargo thieves take a bite into crime

| 4/16/2004

Crooks stole an Indiana man’s truck and trailer April 15, apparently not realizing that it contained at least 25,000 sets of Billy Bob Teeth,, which serves Indianapolis, reported.

The novelty teeth make the wearer appear to sport crooked, decayed, tobacco-stained teeth.

Greg O’Dell, a distributor of Billy Bob Teeth, said he had a delivery of between 25,000 and 30,000 sets of teeth stored overnight in his trailer. However, someone made off with his truck and trailer near Sugar Grove Elementary School, Terre Haute, IN, and the cargo along with it.

“I’ve got a feeling someone is going to be disappointed when they get into the back of that cargo trailer and think they’ve got computers or construction tools and find out they’ve got Billy Bob Teeth,” said Chief Deputy Doug Cox of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

At $10 per set of rotten-looking teeth, the delivery was worth upward of $300,000 retail to O’Dell, he said.

To the thieves, however, the loot is close to worthless. Manufactured in Taiwan, the loose sets of teeth were unpackaged. Without the putty adhesive to make them custom-fit into wearers’ mouths, they have little resale potential.