TEA-LU markup postponed

| 1/30/2004

The U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has postponed the Feb. 3rd markup of the six-year, $375 billion highway and transit funding reauthorization legislation.

U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-AK, committee chairman, had announced to members that he hoped to schedule a markup of H.R. 3550 the first Wednesday in February and had hoped to take the transportation bill to the floor the second week of February.

The legislation – “The Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy For Users” (H.R. 3550) – was introduced last November.

“I’m continuing to work with Congressmen Jim Oberstar, D-MN, Tom Petri, R-WI, and Bill Lipinski, D-IL, to achieve a bipartisan bill, but we also need additional time to hear from a number of other committee chairmen and the leadership of the House on possible additional ways to pay for the much needed improvements to the nation's transportation system that are proposed in H.R. 3550,” Young said.

“Congressmen Oberstar, Petri, Lipinski and I have made significant progress toward completing our bipartisan legislation, and we believe additional time is needed to allow for the completion of the revenue proposals for the six-year reauthorization,” he added.