West Virginia bill targets slowpokes

| 1/22/2004

A West Virginia lawmaker has introduced legislation intended to keep slowpokes out of the left lane on the state’s multilane highways.

The measure, introduced by Sen. Billy Wayne Bailey, D-Pineville, would create a new traffic offense for driving under 55 mph in the passing lanes of interstate highways.

Under SB7, troopers would be given the flexibility to ticket drivers who go too slowly in the left lane, blocking the normal flow of traffic. It provides a fine of $50 plus court costs.

The bill is under consideration in the Senate Transportation Committee. Committee Chair Mike Ross, D-Coalton, told The Charleston Gazette Jan. 19 that the bill’s chances for passage aren’t any better now than in previous years that Bailey has sponsored it.

“We’ll take a look at it. I don’t know that they’ll move it,” Ross said.