Three semis involved in accident after herd of black cattle crosses highway at night

| 1/19/2004

A combination of a pitch-black night, dark asphalt surface and black Angus cattle led to a two-car, three-semi accident along U.S. 50 in rural central Kansas, The Hutchinson News reported Jan. 16.

The cattle wandered onto the road surface in Harvey County the night of Jan. 14 after an animal, either a cow or deer, knocked over a portion of the electric fence that contained them, the newspaper reported. One semi rolled over after swerving to avoid the animals. Another struck a cow, while a third hit a car that stopped in the roadway after hitting another cow.

Two-lane U.S. 50 carries a significant amount of truck traffic and crosses several parts of Kansas where significant cattle operations are located, including Chase County in the east and Finney County in the far west.