Trooper discipline bill nears Pennsylvania governor’s desk

| 1/13/2004

A bill that would require the dismissal of state police troopers convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor is one step closer to becoming law in Pennsylvania.

SB877 received unanimous approval in the House late last month. The measure, which previously passed the Senate 48-0, now heads back to the Senate for final approval before being forwarded to the governor.

“What this does is put the State Police on a parity with municipal police as far as their not being able to stay on duty after they have been convicted of a felony or a more serious misdemeanor,” bill sponsor Sen. Robert J. Thompson, R-West Goshen Township, said in a recent statement.

“Up until now, the way the law is written, a state police trooper could stay on duty after he or she is convicted of a crime.”