Threat level lowered from high to elevated

| 1/12/2004

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge Jan. 9 lowered the terror threat alert level from orange, or high, to yellow, or elevated.

Ridge said officials were "still concerned about continuing threats," but the conditions that led to the decision to raise the alert level had passed.

"I know that we are all thankful that nothing happened. The holidays have passed. The potential danger that large gatherings present during the holidays has passed. They passed safely and without incident," Ridge said.

Ridge said that "added vigilance and security" would remain in "certain locales and certain areas within the private sector." He didn't provide specifics.

"We don't want to broadcast to everybody where we're going to be doing this, but those areas and elements within the private sector, they have already been contacted, and they understand that for the time being we want to maintain a similar level of security," Ridge said.