Colorado bill clears left lane

| 1/9/2004

A bill introduced Jan. 7 in the Colorado General Assembly is intended to keep slowpokes out of the left lane on the state's multilane highways.

The measure, introduced on the legislative session's opening day, would give troopers the flexibility to ticket drivers who go too slowly in the left lane, blocking the normal flow of traffic.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Alice Madden, D-Boulder, hopes HB1076 cuts down on road rage and eases traffic woes on the state's highways.

“Over the last few years, we've seen more and more drivers in that left-hand lane, and it's becoming increasingly dangerous,” Madden told Denver's KUSA TV. “This bill basically tells people, ‘You drive in the right-hand lane, you go into the left lane to pass, and then, if possible, you get back over as soon as you can.”

Those who lag in the left lane could be ticketed and fined between $15 and $100 with no points off the driver's license if they are blocking the flow of traffic.

Current Colorado law allows drivers to use the left lane as long as they are traveling at a “normal rate of speed.”

The measure has been sent to the House Transportation and Energy Committee.