Blue Water Bridge opens FAST lanes

| 1/7/2004

The Blue Water Bridge is opening a dedicated lane and inspection booth for trucks traveling under the Free and Secure Trade program, allowing them to bypass the lineup of non-FAST trucks when they cross to the Michigan side.

The bridge is the second-busiest border crossing for commercial vehicle traffic, handling approximately 6,000 trucks a day.

FAST offers expedited clearance to pre-authorized importers, carriers and drivers through designated lanes of traffic. Approved carriers can use the dedicated FAST lanes on Canadian Highway 402 as they approach the bridge and a lane on the bridge itself leading to a primary inspection booth staffed by U.S. Customs officers.

FAST lanes and inspection booths will also be available for trucks entering Canada. Trucks must display a FAST placard issued by the Blue Water Bridge Authority or Michigan Department of Transportation.

The Blue Water Bridge connects Port Huron, MI, which sits just north of Detroit at the base of Lake Huron, with Sarina and Point Edward, Ontario, Canada. It links Interstates 69 and 94 with Canada’s Highway 402.