FMCSA releases security guide for hazmat haulers

| 12/24/2003

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released a guide on how to develop a hazardous materials security plan – it’s available at the agency’s Web site at

The document, “Guide to Developing an Effective Security Plan for the Highway Transportation of Hazardous Materials,” is a tool that motor carriers transporting hazardous materials can use in developing a security plan as required by DOT regulations.

The agency recently announced its intention to focus on hazmat shipments as part of the overall effort to protect the homeland.

The guide provides motor carriers with sufficient background to understand the nature of the threats against hazmat transportation; the means to identify the vulnerabilities to those threats; and an approach to address the vulnerabilities, FMCSA said.

“The first step in developing a security plan is conducting a security assessment,” FMCSA said. “The guide establishes a framework for reviewing a company's hazardous materials operations and identifying relevant threats and vulnerabilities. The focus is on making the assessment specific with respect to an individual company facility or each type of hazardous material. The guide also offers an approach for prioritizing each of the threats and vulnerabilities that are identified.”

The discussion of the security plan introduces a recommended approach for determining appropriate security measures for addressing identified threats and vulnerabilities that help to eliminate unnecessary security-related expenses.

It also covers the required security training and security plan administration. Administration includes the distribution, maintenance, verification and validation of the full security plan as well as how to best incorporate the insights and support that are available from industry partners, local community organizations and law-enforcement agencies.