‘Ol' Blue’ Web site is the latest to offer HOS help

| 12/22/2003

Confused about the new hours of service rules starting Jan. 4, 2004? Not sure how they will change the way you drive? Looking for some answers without wading through the entire federal regs?

With the assistance of the Nebraska State Patrol, the Ol' Blue USA Web site now provides an easy-to-use, straightforward presentation of the new HOS rules, complete with sample logbook pages at http://www.cdlSafety.org.

The 35-page Flash presentation on the HOS changes was compiled by the Nebraska State Patrol from its own files and from federal sources, and made available to Ol' Blue USA. With the assistance of Sgt. Jim Brokaw and with the permission of Col. Tom Nesbitt from the Nebraska State Patrol and FMCSA, the Ol' Blue USA Web site now provides the information.

The slideshow loads fast and is easy to navigate. It's also easy to update – and this could become a concern as the Jan. 4, 2004, kickoff date nears and the rules are still being interpreted.

In addition to the slideshow, the Web page includes links to detailed federal regs in PDF and HTML formats, including:

  • HOS Technical Amendments, Driver's HOS Regulations;
  • HOS Drivers – Driver Rest and Sleep for Safe Operations Final Rule;
  • HOS Regulatory Evaluation;
  • HOS Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and Attached Environmental Assessment;
  • HOS News Release, Driver's HOS Brochure;
  • Driver's HOS Pocket Guide; HOS Presentation; and
  • "Frequently Asked Questions."

Also on the page are links to the Ol' Blue USA guide to pre-trip inspections, a collection of "A Safety Minute" With Ol' Blue, USA, radio/Web spots, and a Tire Blowout Safety Video produced by Michelin Tire Co. called "The Critical Factor."

"We have been flooded with calls and e-mails from drivers wanting to know how the new hours-of-service rules will affect them," said R.J. Taylor, founder of Ol' Blue USA. "When the opportunity to present this slideshow was offered to us, we were really excited."

Ol' Blue USA is dedicated to safety through education, and this was a terrific opportunity to help educate not only drivers and fleets, but also media and law enforcement that have questions about the changes, he said.

"We also felt that by putting links to our other safety education material on the same page, we'd make it easier for people to find what they want quickly and in one place," Taylor said.