Florida trucker wins $10,000

| 12/17/2003

Elliott Lycette, a sugar hauler from Oak Hill, FL, has 10,000 reasons to be sweet on Shell Rotella T and TravelCenters of America.

The 60-year-old truck driver is $10,000 richer, thanks to TravelCenters of America and Shell Lubricants. After getting an oil change at the TravelCenters of America in Brunswick, GA, Lycette scratched off his game piece.

The game pieces were being given over two months to drivers changing their oil with Shell Rotella T at any of the more than 150 TA facilities throughout the country.

Lycette’s timing couldn’t have been better. He said that he decided to stop at the Brunswick TA after going about 2,000 miles past his scheduled oil change. He even called ahead to make sure a bay would be open.

"When I scratched off the ticket, I couldn’t believe it said that I had won $10,000,” Lycette said. “I actually remained pretty calm. But when I showed the ticket to two of the employees who were working at the desk, they both started screaming and everybody in the place knew that I had won. It’s unbelievable. I did not realize until later that there was only one winning ticket in the whole country."

Lycette said he’s going to use the money to pay off some credit card bills, buy new tires for his pickup and for a camping trip and a visit to Disney World.