Pink signs, animated eyes coming to a highway near you

| 12/16/2003

According to the Federal Highway Administration, new traffic control devices include fluorescent pink signs to alert drivers to traffic accidents, large print on-road signs for older drivers and electronic signs resembling animated eyes to alert pedestrians to look both ways before crossing streets.

Other traffic devices include barriers to assist pedestrians with disabilities and new bicycle lane markings. In a publication, “The 2003 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices,” new high-visibility gear for highway workers and greater use of barricades are recommended. The publication was done in cooperation with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

In addition, more travel reference signs between mile markers along roadways will help drivers and emergency responders locate positions more easily, the publication says.

"While repairs and improvements are needed on our nation's streets and highways to enhance safety and mobility, we also must find the right practices that can help to reduce the vulnerability of construction workers and prevent death or injury," FHWA Administrator Mary Peters said.