Bank considers giving away toll transponders

| 11/3/2003

Citizens Bank, which recently took over sponsorship of the Massachusetts Turnpike's Fast Lane electronic toll program, is considering a program to give away free toll transponders, an official with the bank said.

Melody Jackson, director of public affairs at Citizens, said the bank had tried similar promotions in the past. While no specific promotion has been settled on yet - or even whether the bank will have one - several ideas are being considered.

Previously, the bank had given away transponders to people opening new checking accounts. Another idea being considered would offer the free transponders for a short period during one day.

The transponders would be available to both the general public as well as drivers of commercial motor vehicles, she said.

The bank will likely settle on a plan in the next few months, Jackson told Land Line.

--by Mark H. Reddig, associate editor

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