Charlotte, NC, was most popular move destination in 2002

| 10/31/2003

The American Moving and Storage Association, the national trade association representing moving and storage companies, has just released its mobility study results for 2002, identifying Charlotte, NC, as the most popular move destination for the year, based upon analysis of more than 600,000 interstate moves performed by AMSA's professional moving company members.

The association's study participants are responsible for about 60 percent of all the interstate moves (moves from one state to another) that take place in the United States each year.

Charlotte is the heaviest inbound market with 62.4 percent of total moves coming into the area, the largest volume moving in from Florida, California and New York, according to the AMSA report.

Other popular move destinations were Las Vegas, 61.3 percent inbound; Jacksonville, FL, 60.1 percent inbound; Orlando, FL, 58.7 percent inbound; and Phoenix, 57.9 percent inbound. Other areas identified by AMSA as being inbound areas include Portland, OR; Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA; Tampa/Clearwater, FL; and Raleigh/Durham, NC.

While some areas are popular destinations, other areas are experiencing heavy outbound movement. Nassau/Suffolk, NY, tops the AMSA's list of 2002 outbound areas with 69.4 percent of total moves leaving the state, destined to Florida, California and North Carolina along with other states.

San Jose, CA, saw 60.1 percent of total moves leaving the state for Texas, Oregon and Arizona along with other states. Outbound movement also was experienced by Oakland, CA, 59.4 percent outbound; Detroit, 58.3 percent outbound; Chicago, 58.1 percent outbound; San Francisco, 58 percent outbound; New York City, 56.5 percent outbound; and Anaheim, CA, 56 percent outbound.