International offers winterization tips

| 10/29/2003

International Truck and Engine Corp. has developed several prevention tips for truck owners who want to avoid costly winter maintenance and unforeseen roadside-assistance costs.

International’s Brian Mulshine, manager of service development and marketing, said, “Many northern fleets are accustomed to living in the cold and take proactive measures to protect their trucks. 

“But statistics tell us that many of the vehicles requiring roadside assistance during the winter months are those that are maintained in states with warmer climates, so customers operating in warmer climates have to remember that even though they may not go everywhere, their trucks do.”

Under-Hood Inspection:

  • Check anti-freeze levels for freeze point and additive concentration
  • Inspect fuel-water separator and drain water from fuel tanks
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Test starter system
  • Check block heater and fuel heater operation
  • Inspect condition of all belts and hoses; replace as needed
  • Pressure test cooling system and ensure all hose clamps are secured to prevent cold leaks

 Heater System Inspection:

  • Make sure heater shut-offs are on (if equipped)
  • Check heater performance and door operations
  • Replace cab air filter
  • Blow out debris from heater core fins

Air Dryer Inspection:

  • Drain water from all air tanks and inspect valves for function and leakage
  • Check air dryer operation and heater per manufacturer specs

Electrical System Inspection:

  • Test alternator output and starter draw, and apply protection
  • Load test batteries, check condition, and apply protection

Chassis Inspection:

  • Check exhaust system for leaks
  • Check tire condition and pressure
  • Inspect wiper blades, check windshield washer operation and fill washer bottle

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