Canadian drivers' per-diem increased to $45 per day

| 10/28/2003

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Canada’s equivalent to the Internal Revenue Service, recently increased the per-diem for truckers from $33 to $45 per day for receipt-free meal allowance starting with the 2003 tax year, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

“It’s a victory for hundreds of thousands of hard-working truck drivers,” said David Bradley, CEO of CTA.

According to CTA, the Canadian tax agency began re-examining the $33-per-day policy when a tax court decision in 2000 allowed a driver to claim a more realistic level. At that time, CTA opened discussions with Customs and Revenue to push for a permanent change in the receipt-free limit.

Starting with the 2003 tax year, drivers who elect not to claim a meal expense deduction based on actual receipts will be allowed to use the rate of $15 per meal up to a maximum of $45 per day. As well, drivers traveling and incurring meal expenses in the United States may now use the rate of $15 U.S. per meal up to a maximum of $45 U.S. a day, converted to Canadian dollars.