Court circles wagons on triangular warnings

| 10/24/2003

If you ever drive your truck through Pennsylvania’s Amish country, you might want to take a little extra care at night.

That’s because a Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled that members of one Amish sect no longer have to put reflective orange triangles – required in many places for visibility – on the back of their buggies, The Associated Press reported.

Apparently, the Amish in that sect regard the color as too gaudy.

The court ruled that the state didn’t produce evidence that the triangles should be required, the news wire service reported. Lawyers representing the Amish community – which prefers a plainer gray reflective tape to the orange triangles – claimed that the state had not proved that visibility contributed to accidents involving buggies.

Several years ago, members of an Amish community in central Kansas were discouraged by their leaders from driving at night at all due to an increasing number of rear-end accidents that occurred along that area’s two-lane roads at night.

In fact, in addition to the orange triangles, the Amish in Yoder, KS, are also adding more reflective tape, even outlining the wheels, a worker at the local grocery told Land Line. The move was spurred after another more recent series of accidents involving the horse-drawn vehicles.