Pennsylvania House urges toll bridge discount for truckers

| 10/24/2003

Pennsylvania House lawmakers have urged the agency that sets tolls and manages bridges over the Delaware River to create volume discounts for truckers using E-ZPass, The Trenton Times reported.

The House voted 202-0 on Oct. 22 to adopt the resolution urging the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission to adopt a volume discount plan for local commercial E-ZPass users.

HR344 also encouraged the bi-state commission that operates seven toll bridges connecting New Jersey and Pennsylvania to set identical car tolls. The agency, however, has already moved toward enacting identical tolls on cars with a Sept. 29 vote to set all tolls at 75 cents.

The resolution carries no force of law, and the Pennsylvania House has no authority over the commission, which is an independent agency, the newspaper reported.

The commission already offers personal vehicles with E-ZPass a 40 percent discount through a special plan if they make at least 20 trips in 35 days, but doesn’t offer that option for commercial users.

The agency voted Sept. 29 to lower car tolls and cut a Jan. 1 truck toll increase, but didn’t consider a volume discount plan for local commercial E-ZPass users. It did decide to further consider concerns from area truckers.