Kansas regulators concerned about cash-starved farmers taking to the road

| 10/24/2003

Trucking enforcement officials in Kansas have a new problem to deal with: Farmers who own tractor-trailers to haul crops, but use them in the off-season to haul other cargo, The Hutchinson News reported recently.

The farmers see the extra hauling as a way to supplement shrinking farm income. However, the newspaper reported, many are working as truckers without proper commercial licenses.

Kansas law exempts some farm rigs from many of the inspections, safety regulations and licensing required of most truckers. However, the exemptions only apply if a farmer is hauling his own farm goods, The News said.

Carriers in the state are complaining about the unregulated competition, and officials at the Kansas Corporation Commission are distributing information to let the farmers know what the regulations are should they haul goods other than their own.