FMCSA begins new round of security visits

| 10/23/2003

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has begun the second phase in a series of meetings with its state investigators and hazmat carriers to assess vulnerabilities and ways to improve security.

Known as a “Security Sensitivity Visit,” the face-to-face meetings featured a Security Contact Review Form to determine a carrier’s compliance with developing a security and training plan.

Last year, the agency conducted more than 36,000 of these visits with motor carriers that transport hazardous materials. During these visits, agency inspectors were told to provide constructive advice to the motor carrier community and "leave their ticket books in the car."

The FMCSA said the review form should provide carriers with insight into the type of issues that could result in an enforcement action. For now, the agency will treat these visits as informal.

But after Dec. 23, 2003 – the date by which in-depth security training must be completed – the FMCSA may begin writing citations for a carrier’s failure to properly implement the security plan and training requirements.