Florida gives tow trucks a bonus for quick work

| 10/21/2003

The Florida Turnpike will pay a bonus to quickly move wrecked vehicles off of the toll road so traffic can return to normal, The Miami Herald reported.

The newspaper said the effort was particularly targeted at getting big rigs involved in wrecks off the highway within 90 minutes. Tow truck operators can have another 90 minutes after that without a bonus, but after that time, they pay $10 for every minute until the wreck is cleared.

The toll road runs from southern Florida near Miami and then north along the Atlantic Coast to Fort Pierce, where it turns northwest and passes through Orlando, ending at Interstate 75.

Chris Warren, deputy director and chief operating officer of the turnpike’s operating company, told The Herald traffic backups were frequently caused when tow operators show up for a wreck without enough manpower to get a big rig off the highway efficiently.